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I Dream of Saree
Vintage sari ad. (Photo: Saree Dreams)

Can a saree be way too floral? Gangster? Would a polka-dot turtleneck work in place of a blouse? Would someone dare to wear her bra as a saree blouse? What kind of sarees do they wear in the navy? Inline skating while wearing a saree—can it be done? If you find these questions intriguing, are interested in saree history and sarees in art, or simply enjoy gazing at yards and yards of fabric worn with attitude, you’ll probably find items of interest at Saree Dreams, a blog showcasing the saree in all its splendor and occasional wrong turns. On Wordless Wednesdays they “let the saree do all the talking.” The blog’s contributors—Sunny, a designer, Rupa, a writer, Misty, a student, and Kamini, a model—are based in different cities around the world; Los Angeles, Delhi, and London.

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Fugsters Ask Waris “How Long?”

Getty Images.

Go Fug Yourself! met actor and jewelry designer Waris Ahluwalia at NY Fashion Week and found that, despite their best efforts, he was “unoffendable.”

How long, we asked, were his locks? “I cannot believe you asked me that!” he said. “It’s down to the hips.”…He’s removed the turban in movies like The Life Aquatic and Inside Man, but never for a photo shoot. So which fashion magazines would he take it off for? “Purple [He appears in the current issue.]. And I’d do it for L’Uomo Vogue. I believe in art, and I believe in ideas and concepts,” he said. So, no Men’s Vogue? “No.” What about Harper’s Bazaar? Waris pointed to his turban. “They get this.” — “You Can’t Offend Waris Ahluwalia”

Ahluwalia is scheduled to appear on the big screen this fall in vampire flick Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are Undead. The film’s myspace page shares interviews with cast members including Ralph Macchio and Waris, who reminisces about his college freshman year interest in the dark arts. The interest didn’t go very far because he wasn’t ready to give up God—“We’re tight.”

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Kirmani on Season 2 of Top Design


Shazia Kirmani, who gave a solid introduction to interior design in “Decorating 101,” made her Bravo debut last night in “Top Design’s” second season. The TV series, hosted last time by Todd Oldham who transitions to a mentor role this season, follows 13 interior designers through various challenges as they compete to win $100,000 and a four-page showcase in Elle Decor magazine. (One member of the judge’s panel, Margaret Russell, serves as editor-in-chief of Elle Decor.)

Kirmani and the 12 other designers featured on the show have diverse backgrounds. The group includes a trained countertenor, an artist, a Yale-trained architect, a real-estate developer, a set decorator for film and TV, a former fashion designer, a magazine style editor, and several decorators who already run their own firms. Kirmani falls in the latter group. After graduating from the Art Institute of Dallas, she and her roommate designer Jesse Neargarder had their East Dallas apartment featured in D Home. Today she helms her own design firm, EgoSpace Interiors.

In her 60 Second Life Story video, Kirmani says that she was born in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, to Pakistani parents, and that she has lived most of her life in Texas. According to her show bio, after her first semester at University of Texas at Austin studying biochemistry, she realized she was “more passionate about redesigning her bedroom than anything that was going on in the classroom.” In a interview, the designer shares details from behind the scenes at “Top Design.”

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The Daily Delicious for August 1, 2008
#16 – H.S.H. Prince Heinrich von und zu Fürstenberg

Paper Creations
Crack open a .pdf and warm up the printer to make your own chocolate truck. Graphic designer, author and illustrator Marilyn Scott-Waters offers us an "odd, little world of paper toys, holiday cards, valentines, sun boxes, baskets and bags, origami and ephemera."
(tags: toys paper design art)

Hi Ellen, I'm Brown
"I had to decide which card to play – I am a fan, I know who you are but brush shoulders with your type regularly so will just ignore you, or I’m brown, foreign and don’t know you." Dezigal on her celebrity restroom encounter with Juno's Ellen Page.
(tags: blogs desi celebrities)

The International Best-Dressed List
My grandfather wore basically the same outfit every day, sans Panama hat and mocs. German royalty digs that comfortable look as well, taking it to #16 on Vanity Fair's International Best-Dressed List. —Pavani
(tags: fashion media vanity_fair clothing)

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Lakshmi Menon for Givenchy

Menon stands front and center in ads for Givenchy F/W08.

Despite the ongoing discussion over the lack of models of color on catwalks and campaigns, it’s nice to see that Lakshmi Menon is getting some attention. After last Spring’s Hermès campaign, Lakshmi can soon be seen in ads this fall for Givenchy aside models Lara Stone, Natasha Poly, Kristen Owen and Maria Carla Boscono. In a statement released by Givenchy creative director Riccardo Tisci, he says, “I chose these five women that represent elegance, femininity and masculinity with character. It is a family portrait.”


Love that she’s so versatile. She can go from super feminine in editorials for Biba Magazine to this stark no-nonsense look for Givenchy. I can’t wait to see what is next for her. What do you think?

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