win sisters Lucky and Sarada Ravindra do just about everything together. At age 9, the duo attended Bollettieri Tennis Academy in Bradenton, Florida, for intense tennis training, and they’ve been tennis stars ever since. When it was time to for college, the sisters chose Georgetown University, where they both majored in international relations and continued their tennis game. And when college was over, the Ravindra girls both got into law school—the same one. So they headed back to Florida to pursue their law degrees at the University of Miami.

With a history of working (and succeeding) together, the fraternal twins decided not to stray from that successful equation for success. Instead, they focused on something they both experienced to create a successful business. “We traveled a lot for tennis in high school and in college, and we wanted to feel comfortable and clean in our clothes when we were on the road. As we got older, we were looking for clothes that were a little more sophisticated,” says Lucky. And so the idea for Queue—an athletically-inspired line of sophisticated casual wear—was born. “We couldn’t find what we made. There was a hole in the market,” adds Lucky.


After spending two years creating the line (law school had its demands, too), the twins launched Queue this spring. They didn’t have much formal training in the process, so they relied on their own sense of style. Of course, their built-in support system didn’t hurt, either. “We’re both equally involved in all aspects of our business,” says Sarada.

That hard work has paid off. Queue has been welcomed by an adoring audience since its launch just a few months ago. InStyle, Lucky and Jane magazines have all praised the sleek, sophisticated line that includes everything from halters to dresses to tube tops to ponchos. “People have told us how much they loved the items and they’ve even bought the same items in various colors,” says Lucky. To fill the demand, boutique stores like Fred Segal and sites such as GirlShop.com have picked up the Queue line.

It’s not very common to find styled cashmere. Our cashmere line is sleeker and edgier.

And everyone is getting in line for Queue’s signature piece. “The one-piece jumpsuit is our most popular item. It’s one of those pieces you can dress down and dress up. It’s for any body or style type. It’s something you can translate into your own look. If you look at it, you don’t think that only a certain personality can wear it,” explains Lucky.


For the lovers of luxe, Queue offers a rich collection of cashmere pieces. “It’s not very common to find styled cashmere,” says Lucky. “Our cashmere line is sleeker and edgier.” The duo plans to introduce a resort collection in January that will consist of cashmere-only items, heralding the transition from their fall/winter collection to their spring/summer one. “We both love the cashmere pieces. They’re the most comfortable and the most luxurious,” she says.

So do the sisters, who even live together in Miami, ever tire of one another? “Even though it does become overwhelming doing everything together, we deal with it,” says Lucky. They manage to take breathers when necessary, but they always end up gravitating back to each other. Sarada admits, “We are very similar and very different from each other, and I don’t think there’s any other closer relationship I can have.” n

Published on November 1, 2004.
Photography: Courtesy of Queue

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