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i Rupali,
Absolutely! Liquid liner is definitely a harder look than pencil. I love using cake eyeliner. It offers the best of both worlds—it looks soft like a pencil but wears as long as a liquid. Chanel, MAC and Smashbox all make great cake and gel eyeliners. And since black can add to the harsh look, consider trying other deep colors to soften your look.

Hi Shalini,
Most of my lipstick shades are all in the brown color family. I’d like to branch out by trying something with more red in it, but my choices seem limited since I don’t want anything too bright. Should I just stick to wearing lip colors with brown undertones?

Maria Khan

Hi Maria,
If you feel that red is too dark, try a gloss. Gloss is wonderful, because it offers a sheer version of the colors you want to wear. Diva by Lancome is a great soft red gloss. Also, soft pinks are a good way to brighten up South Asian skin tones. If you want to experiment with colors, your best bet is to go to the drugstore and buy some gloss palettes. Revlon makes a few, and Almay has some nice colors in its Whipped Gloss line. That way, you can experiment with the colors you want without making a major investment.n

Shalini Vadhera is a nationally renowned beauty expert with more than 10 years of experience working with celebrity clients like Brooke Burke and Jay Leno. She regularly appears on television as a beauty consultant and has written for magazines like Self, Real Simple, Jane, YM, Redbook and more.
Published on March 7, 2005.
Photography: Courtesy of Shalini Vadhera.
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  1. August 13, 2007, 4:49 am Millie


    i get quite a few spots on my face usually due to heat, but they always leave scars whether i pick or not, any suggestions as to what i can do to minimise the scaring? and to prevent the spots from forming?

    i’ve used so many expensive brands but it always made them worse, at the moment ive been using soap and water to cleanse and bio oil to moisturise, although its improved the condition and colour of my skin its not done much to prevent spots or scaring, can you advise?