A Night at the Roxy

One of our talented staffers, Roxanna Kassam, is getting married this weekend. Congrats to her and the soon-to-be “Trusty Husband!” In honor of her impending nuptials, I want to feature two wonderful stories Roxy wrote for us during ‘s first run:

“Finding a Thoroughly Modern Male” from our April 2005 issue was one of our most-discussed pieces. Read it again and share your thoughts here. Is Roxy right? Does the successful, modern, progressive South Asian male exist?

After you’re done discussing that one, settle down with a cup of tea. “High Chai” is a gorgeous piece on the ubiquitous South Asian tradition that binds our complex and varied cultures. And where else will you find a recipe for Chai Creme Brulee?

August 18, 2006
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