Love Kahani Magazine

Kahani’s Summer 2006 cover.

How awesome is Kahani? We posted about this great literary magazine at our old blog when Kahani was first starting out. Since its launch, it has gotten better with each issue. I just went back to see what they’ve been up to and was so pleased to find that the magazine has not wavered from its original concept. Targeted to the South Asian community, Kahani is a literary magazine which focuses on strengthening cultural connections in children ages 7-12 of South Asian descent.

It’s wonderful to see that it has gotten such great reception from the press and librarians across the U.S. This magazine is everything I would have wanted when I was younger. Lots of short stories, games and puzzles and gorgeous illustrations. A sample issue is available for download on their site so you can see for yourself. A subscription would make a great gift to a young niece or nephew.

August 8, 2006
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