Luella Bartley & M.I.A.

Luella + M.I.A. Photo: David Sims

Fashion Rocks, a supplement to Condé Nast publications this month, has paired fashion with musicians speaking to personal style and the intersection of the two art forms. One article focuses on fashion designers and their personal musical inspiration. UK designer Luella Bartley cites none other than this girl’s favorite, M.I.A. as her musical inspiration.

The two met in 2000 when M.I.A. and Bartley moved to Notting Hill with Justine Friedmann (of Elastica). At that time, Maya was making documentaries and also her own clothes, confections of “bright flourescent fishnet fabrics.” Of M.I.A. Luella says, “She had an unabashed in-your-face craziness that I loved, admired, and identified with.”

How much do I love that these two were once roommates? Watch Fashion Rocks on September 9 on CBS. Although I wish M.I.A. were performing that day, I think it’s a night mostly dominated by the likes of the Pussycat Dolls and Beyoncé.

August 11, 2006
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