An Appeal for ArtWallah’s Sake


ArtWallah’s mission is to “foster and promote artistic expressions of the South Asian diasporic experience, and to create channels of communication between artists and diverse communities.” ’s debut issue covered the ArtWallah Festival, the largest annual South Asian diasporic arts festival in the U.S. Later issues have also featured artists, writers, and other performers connected to this yearly event based in Los Angeles.

Now at the end of its first decade of existence, ArtWallah is going through a critical period when “every penny means the continuance or the closing of this important community service.” A recent newsletter provides more details about the situation and how you can contribute to help keep ArtWallah up and running. If, like me, you believe ArtWallah’s mission is a worthwhile one, consider making a contribution towards its work and help it through this critical period. Those of you in the Los Angeles area can make a donation in person at a Sunday October 8 fundraiser featuring musical artists Ananda Sen and Chee Malabar.

October 7, 2006
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