Don’t Miss Zerobridge at CMJ


Back when I was a sprightly college student, I probably would have salivated over the fact that I could check out dozens of great bands at this week’s CMJ Festival in New York. Now that I’m an old lady of nearly 28, I’d rather download a few mp3s and forego the abnormally tall guy and the spiritual hippy twirlie-armed faerie dancing girl inevitable at most concerts.

However, Zerobridge is playing on Thursday, November 2, at the Alphabet Lounge as part of the festival, and I may have to reconsider. Named after an actual bridge in Kashmir’s capital, Srinagar, the band is comprised of Kashmiri brothers Din and Mohsin and bass player Greg. They played at CBGB’s this month before the close of the legendary stage, and a lot of rock’n’roll bigwigs are taking notice of their stuff.

Look for the full story on this incredible band in our upcoming issue of , but don’t wait to check them out on Thursday!

October 31, 2006
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