hen it comes to looking gorgeous this fall, follow the sage advice from Laurence J. Peter: “True beauty comes from within—from within bottles, jars, compacts, and tubes.” Oh, and some beauty secrets from an expert certainly can’t hurt, either.

This season’s trends include rich colors for hair and makeup. But fall also means adjusting skin regimens to brave the cooler weather. Luckily, Saima Bukhari (pictured above), owner of Dallas’ newest salon and med spa, Glow, reveals her secrets for making fall’s beauty trends work for you.

Trend: Brunettes have more fun

Foliage is not the only thing that can change colors this fall—autumn is the perfect time to add some oomph to that summer-bleached hair. The hot coif color for the season: Deep, chocolate brown. Even quintessential blonds like Cameron Diaz have been spotted sporting darker locks. Bukhari recommends losing the highlights for fall and going with a complementary rich brown all-over color.

Five Ways to Glow

Deep in the heart of Dallas, Texas, you’ll find Glow, a chic salon and medical spa located in the trendy Las Colinas area. Along with med spa treatments, a staff of experienced stylists and aesthetician Irina Kanash, owner Saima Bukhari has created a spa menu that’s simply delicious. Here’s a little taste of five favorites:

1) Ice Cream Pedicure: Finally, ice cream that won’t go straight to your problem areas. Instead, it’ll head to your feet. This fun new pedicure indulges feet in a warm bath of one scoop of creamy soda (your favorite flavor, of course), followed by a sherbert scrub to cleanse and exfoliate and a chocolate, marshmallow or caramel mask. Of course, no sundae is complete without icing: The treatment is topped off with whipped cream foot icing.

2) Chocolate Heaven Body Treatment: Skin is exfoliated with a chocolate chip scrub then wrapped in a warm chocolate dip and caramel glaze. The treatment ends with strawberry cream.

3) Apple and Paprika Facial: One of Eminence’s signature facials, it uses the fresh pulp of apples, grapes and naseberries to exfoliate while paprika detoxes and firms. Combined with finishing treatments, skin is left glowing.

4) Sugaring: This alternative to waxing is gentler—it uses sugar as one of its main ingredients and is applied to hair and removed with a strip. The process is gentler on sensitive skin, and the results last even longer. Sugar waxing follows the direction of hair growth, reducing pain and irritation.

5) Green Tea Body Wrap: Just saying green tea makes you feel healthier, not to mention wrapping your body in it. Glow describes this as a “bamboo body polish followed by a warm rice puddy wrap, finished off with fresh strawberry cream.”

“In the South Asian community, often women don’t take advantage of the hair color they have,” she says. “They have such rich, vibrant colored hair. Instead of trying to lighten it and making it orange tones and light brown, they should work with it. Don’t avoid coloring, but pull out more chocolates and the natural auburn in the hair.”

Secret 1: Bukhari advises those interested in the chocolate brown color to rely on the magic of a good colorist. For South Asians, the right shade usually doesn’t come out of a box. Texture is the problem: Darker hair tends to be porous and doesn’t necessarily pull out colors as blond or lighter hair would. So leave first-time and complicated color changes to a professional.

If you want to make minor changes, enrich your existing dark color with a salon’s color-shine treatment. Darker shades tend to reflect the most light, so this treatment will result in enviably lustrous tresses.

Trend: Lash Out

Whether it’s with great mascara, lash extensions or false eyelashes, the lash is the thing. “Lashes are always luxe, and this season is no different for one of our best features,” says Bukhari.

Secret 2: For a night out, false eyelashes can take you from average to Aishwarya. Anxious about application? Don’t be. Just pick up the lash with tweezers and dot a very small amount of glue on the edge, making sure to lay the lash as close to the lash line as you possibly can. For a longer term fix, synthetic eyelash extensions can be glued to eyelash hairs one by one with tweezers. This popular procedure available in some salons nationwide takes approximately two hours and lasts about two months.

Trend: Seek imperfection, Get shorty and Find Fringe Benefits

It’s time to say au revoir to our dear friend, the flat iron. Take a cue from the runways—think imperfect and loose curls for hair. Forget the pin-straight locks from a few seasons ago. This year’s look is more textured but not overdone.

“Break out of the norm,” Bukhari says. “Long hair may not necessarily be the right look for you. Don’t be afraid to experiment this season.” That could include going shorter (currently, cropped dos are all the rage with celebs a la Jessica Simpson and Kate Bosworth) or even, yes, the B word—bangs. Worn on the side or thick and choppy, bangs can bring out eyes and the cheekbones. Commitment-phobes need not apply: Bangs require maintenance and can take anywhere from eight to 10 months to grow out.

Secret 3: For the loose curl look, Bukhari recommends starting with a lightweight, leave-in conditioner and using a curling iron to create a few curls throughout. For those already breaking out in hives at the thought of putting away their flatirons, curly hair types can use the flatiron to smooth out a few overly wavy strands. Glow stylists Elva Sullivan and Debbie Fly say the key to getting the look to work is past shoulder length hair, long layers and good silicone products such as Bumble and Bumble‘s line.

Trend: About Face

Yes, it may be dreary outside, but that doesn’t mean your complexion has to follow suit. The look to have is dewy, flawless, glowing skin complemented with earthy shadows on the eyelids.

Secret 4: The goal is to even out skin, not cover it up. Bukhari says the biggest mistake South Asian women make is selecting the wrong shade of foundation. “We have a tendency to have more uneven skin. The key is blending,” she says. “South Asian women often walk away from the cosmetics counter with one shade of foundation that they think will work. Instead, buy two foundations and blend to get the right coverage depending on the area on the face.” She also recommends playing makeup artist and using foundation palettes that boast a variety of colors for easy blending. Try this season’s Trish McEvoy line.

Inside Glow. Dallas, Texas.
Inside Glow. Dallas, Texas.

Secret 5:
Bukhari’s favorite product to maintain a dewy complexion all day long: Hydrating mist. She suggests Stone Crop Hydrating Mist by Eminence, the popular handmade organic skin care line Glow and other salons utilize. According to Glow aesthetician Irina Kanash, Eminence uses fruit and vegetable cultures guaranteed to enhance your skin. And though Evian makes a similar product (sorry ladies!), but throwing some bottled water on your face will not create the same results—invest in the mist. Bukhari’s routine for flawless skin all day: After your morning face-wash regimen, apply mineral powder followed by two to three sprays of the hydrating mist. Keep it handy, and for normal to dry skin, spritz throughout the day to maintain that dewy visage.

Secret 6: When applying shadow to lids, Bukhari recommends wettening the brush for better application.

Secret 7: While South Asians are blessed with well defined eyebrows, Bukhari reminds women that “tweezers can be your best friend” in between salon eyebrow maintenance. Invest in a good pair of tweezers and learn to use them properly.

Secret 8: When temperatures plunge, your skin needs extra attention. Bukhari urges updating your skin care regimen to include a more hydrating moisturizer. And drink plenty of water and apply sunscreen (even in fall and winter). For a shortcut, try mineral makeup that has SPF built in.

Trend: Go to the dark side

Dark nail shades are in vogue. Try black, red and fall’s most popular color in beauty and fashion, plum, worn on short, clipped nails. The result? Ladylike glamour. And for a look straight from the runways, Bukhari recommends silver, graphite, chrome and platinum colors.

But even the hottest fall color will only look lukewarm on hands and nails that need some attention:

Secret 9: Cooler weather unfortunately means drier skin, including the very often neglected dry cuticles. “When you’re in between manicures, dab cuticle oil on the corners of nails,” Bukhari says. “When the oil dries, it provides extra hydration for a healthy look.”

Secret 10: Another great DIY manicure trick Bukhari recommends is a paraffin treatment that can actually be done in the comfort of your own home. The PerfectSense Paraffin and Aromatherapy for Hands (available at Glow and other salons) is a spa-grade treatment involving temperature-controlled paraffin poured directly into sealable gloves, which then cover your hands, soothing joints and hydrating dry skin. A great pick-me-up for a cold day.

Other fall trends include retro red lips (but this look is not for all skin tones, so try it out and show a friend before leaving the abode). Remember, if lips are the focus, keep eye makeup natural.

Bukhari reminds women that healthy, younger-looking skin is a trend every season—so get educated about skin care while you’re in your 20s, and develop a relationship with your aesthetician early on to develop the best skin care routine for you. Prevention is key: “It doesn’t help when we’re in our 40s and we’re trying to turn back time. Skin has often been stretched and discolored. I would love to say that there is some magic potion, but it’s just not out there yet. So, maintain healthy skin now.” Sorry, Laurence, guess fall beauty does not always come from within a bottle.n

Sarah Das loves discovering the latest beauty secrets so she can show off to her friends. She lives in the Lone Star State, where she can usually be found reading about fashion and celebrity gossip.
Published on October 2, 2006.
Photography: Courtesy of Saima Bukhari.
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