all is officially here, and so is the October issue of !

Things are busy around headquarters, but I suppose that’s not much of a surprise—autumn tends to be a hectic time for most people. We’re hard at work planning some special theme issues for upcoming months, and we’ve welcomed a number of new writers to our team. But we want to know how we can make Nirali better for you! Email me or comment below on the kinds of stories you want to see in . We take reader feedback very seriously, and we hope you will take some time out of your busy schedules to drop us a line.

Thanks also to all our readers for your wonderful feedback on our re-launch issue last month. We are thrilled that so many of you are excited about Nirali, and we hope to serve you as best we can. Another way you can help us improve the content is by sharing your thoughts about our articles in the comments section at the bottom of each story.

Finally, as you enjoy the latest issue of this week, be sure to make some time for us again mid-month. We’ll have a few surprise updates for you then, so look for a reminder in your inboxes soon.

Thanks for reading!

Ismat Sarah Mangla

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  1. November 10, 2008, 2:55 am munpreet virdy

    hi there.. just wanted to say that even though your magazine is aimed towards an audience in canada and the states, its great for the rest of us NRI’s (im from zambia) too! enjoyed browsing through it.