he crisp, cool days of fall are about to give way—at least for some of us who don’t live in more temperate climes—to the colder, darker days of winter. But why so glum? Temperatures may be plunging, but that’s the perfect excuse to curl up with a good book, cook up a savory feast or just watch some TV. After reading this issue of , you’ll want to do all that and more.

Check out Roxanna Kassam’s romp through the South Asian offerings in the chick lit genre—and let us know what you think of her take on “masala” chick lit. Did you miss last Thursday’s Diwali episode of The Office? Hilal Nakiboglu Isler takes you behind the scenes of primetime shows that feature South Asian scriptwriters in Masti See TV.

Hungry? We’ve got some great recipes for you to try. In The Taste of Home, acclaimed chef Suvir Saran explains how he captures the flavors of his childhood, while Mistress of Spices Nirmala Narine scours the world for really delicious recipes from real people.

And if you just feel like wasting time, see what the real Ms. Dewey has to say before asking her to give you the lowdown on your favorite things—you know, like .

So put on a BadKarma shirt and settle in with . Cuz, baby, it’s cold outside.

Ismat Sarah Mangla

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