his holiday season, free yourself from winter’s dreariness and unleash the glamorous goddess within. The latest picks from celebrity makeup artist (and frequent contributor) Shalini Vadhera’s Global Goddess Beauty line will help you do just that. With Shalini’s easy-to-handle kits, you can say goodbye to fumbling your way through a dozen products in a futile attempt to achieve the perfect look. She’s put together all the tools you need to create sultry eyes and kissable lips.

Shalini Vadhera
Shalini Vadhera
BoHo Exotic Eyes Kit, $40

Craving sultry, exotic eyes? Then this kit’s for you. Stocked with a pair of “flutter” eyelashes and eyelash glue, the Maharani Rose and Rajah Brown shimmer eyeshadows, the India Ink, Sapphire Stone and Chai Tea eye pencils, and the volumizing mascara in Sultry Black, the kit is your key to creating the glamorous gaze you crave.

Shalini’s Tip for Sultry Eyes:

Start with your eye makeup before applying foundation to avoid those unsightly raccoon eyes.

Sweep the Maharani Rose shadow all over your eye, from lid to brow.

Follow with the Rajah Brown just on your eyelid, from lash line to crease. Don’t worry too much about blending—smudged smokiness is the hallmark of sultry, sexy eyes à la Bollywood.

Rim your entire eye with your color choice of Kohl/Kajal eye pencils. Chai Tea is lovely for daytime drama, Sapphire Stone is great for a quick pick-me-up, and India Ink is perfect for nighttime glamour.

Ask Shalini

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Apply the flutter lashes to top lash line and follow with two coats of Sultry Black mascara.

For an extra pop, follow the lead of Bollywood’s best and brightest and wear a pair of colored contacts. You’ll be as sexy as a screen siren in no time!

Shangri-La Lights Shimmer Lips Kit, $43

Consider giving this beautiful set of four lip glosses as a gift—they come in a stunning brocade collectors box. On second thought, why not give yourself the gift of gorgeousness and just keep the kit? You get four colors: Enchantment (pink), Forbidden Fruit (peach), Royal Gold (gold) and Nirvana (red). These luscious, shimmery glosses don’t just look good, they are good for you too: They’re infused with green tea and vanilla.

Shalini’s Tip: The Shangri-La Lights Shimmer Lip Glosses can be worn alone or layered for
a sexier pout. For day, choose a lighter shade and wear it over your favorite lip pencil. At night, skip the liner and wear the darker shades. For ultra-sexy lips, layer the gold over the red or the pink over the peach or vice versa. You choose!n

Ismat Sarah Mangla can’t wait to try Shalini’s steps to Bollywood eyes.
Published on November 6, 2006.
Photography: Vikram Tank for Nirali Magazine. Shalini’s portrait courtesy of Shalini Vadhera.
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