Holy Superheroes, Batman: It’s Pavitr Prabhakar!


Two years ago, India’s answer to Spider-Man (a boy named Pavitr Prabhakar) made his comic book debut. Readers today continue to follow Spidy as he maneuvers the tricky streets of Mumbai (Rickshaws! Scooters!) while maintaining his admirable commitment to veganism.

For a superhero, Spider-Man is about as down-to-earth as it gets–and Peter Parker’s desi incarnation is just as likeable. When Prabhakar isn’t hanging out with his Auntie Maya (aka Aunt May), he’s spending some QT with main squeeze Meera Jain (Mary Jane) and concentrating on his “studies.”

Prabhakar is part of a new, increasingly global world of comic book characters. You may have grown up with Archie, Veronica and the warriors of Gotham City, but today there’s a whole new gang of superheroes ready to duke it out in the land of popular culture.

This generation of comics and graphic novels includes the ten-part series Buddha
(readers can tag along on the illustrated voyage to enlightenment) and The 99: where a bevy of superheroes, demonstrating the attributes of Allah, kick some serious bad-guy butt.

Now just imagine if they all banded together.

That would make for some crazy Shazam!

November 9, 2006
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