Muhammad Yunus Makes the Rounds


Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammad Yunus is in New York this week, and he’ll be making the rounds for various appearances. He’s going to be on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart on Thursday—soon after appearing at the Council on Foreign Relations that afternoon. I’m hoping to catch his speech at the CFR; my boss is a member and sneaks me in (legally) whenever he can. Though I’d probably rather trade it in for Daily Show tickets. Yunus and Stewart? Swoon.

Yunus will be promoting his book, Banker to the Poor, but if I get into see him, I’m planning on asking about his interest policies on micro-credit loans. I read somewhere it’s 20% for income generating loans, which, while lower than the government rate, still seems pretty steep to me. But it’s 8% for housing loans, 5% for student loans, and even interest-free for “struggling members” (read: beggars). I wonder what his take is on Islamic banking? Guess I should do my homework first and perhaps ask my dad.

Anyway, I will have a full report after Thursday!

November 14, 2006
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  1. November 14, 2006, 1:18 pm

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