Mumbai New Malibu?


She has reinvented herself more times than Madonna.

Over the past 40 years we’ve seen her become a doctor, a Malibu beach babe–even a Unicef ambassador.

But it’s her latest incarnation that has really got our attention.

We’re talking about Barbie, of course—Mattell’s plastic sensation that earns the company an astounding three billion dollars in sales each year.

Part of the new “Dolls of the World” line, Diwali Barbie joins her pals (Japanese Maiko Barbie and Native American Windrider Barbie), decked out in her “traditional teal sari with golden detailing and a lovely pink shawl wrap.”

Author Naomi Klein has called the Barbie doll an “archetypal space invader, a cultural imperialist in pink” and even though we tend to agree, we can’t help but get a little excited about this latest desi addition to her family.

Diwali Barbie is available for purchase online and in select stores; too late for Diwali perhaps, but just in time for Christmas.

**Diwali Barbie’s bindi included, Ambassador car sold separately

November 28, 2006
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