Add This to Your Resume: Person of the Year, 2006

Time Cover
Photo courtesy of Time Magazine

By now you’ve heard the news: Time magazine’s Person of the Year is, well, you. Congratulations.

Pick up the issue, now on newsstands and you’ll be greeted with a distorted image of yourself, thanks to the reflective Mylar cover.

Once you get over looking at your face, flip through the magazine—the largest Person of the Year issue ever—to find profiles of regular folks. Folks like Pakistan’s Ali Khurshid, a 22-year old college student, interested in showcasing his country’s “real beauty” through his Flickr photography.

You’ll read about Shekar Ramanuja Sidarth, the year’s “Accidental Assassin.” Sidarth drew the attention of Senator George Allen while the latter was on the campaign trail last August (Remember MacacaGate?). The UVA senior caught the whole thing on tape. It was posted it on YouTube and, 320,000 views later, Allen’s political career was dead.

“Individuals are changing the nature of the information age,” writes Time editor Rick Stengel. “The creators and consumers of user-generated content are transforming art and politics and commerce…they are the engaged citizens of a new digital democracy.”

Really? Awesome. Suddenly those hours spent on Facebook and MySpace don’t seem like such an embarrassing waste.

But we want to know what you think: which “creators of…user-generated content” rocked your 2006? Bloggers, Flicker-fiends, My Space musicians—we want it all.

So get posting, kids. It’s link-time.

December 25, 2006
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