Bedi Goes Where Bollywood Won’t

Purva Bedi
From PurvaBedi.Com

Bollywood actress Perizaad Zorabian may have turned down the leading role (she had “personal inhibitions about playing a lesbian”) but the much-anticipated film When Kiran Met Karen seems to be in safe hands.

Purva Bedi, of American Desi and Green Card Fever success, has been cast as the star of the Soman Chainani/Manan Katohora film scheduled for release next year.

When Kiran Met Karen is a lesbian love story set in New York City. And although the subject matter is a little too much for most Bollywood stars to take on, it is just fine by Bedi. “I want to make this movie so that actresses (in India) can start to play those parts and not be so scared,” she says.

The Williams College alumna comes from a family committed to the arts. Her parents are very supportive of her next film, and have even offered to help finance its production.

For more on the movie and its star, read Malinda Lo’s interview on

December 15, 2006
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