Bulay Bulay: Do It For The Kids

Voted one of the top five nights for dancehall, dub and worldly beats by the San Francisco Bay Guardian, Non Stop Bhangra is a collective of DJs, dancers and dhol players who produce local events bringing bhangra to the Bay area.

Project Ahimsa is a non-profit bringing music teachers and instruments to children around the world. (Visit the web site to learn more about the organization and listen to some great tracks playing in the background.)

Together, they present a Bulay Bulay benefit for kids on Thursday, December 7, at the Roe Lounge in San Francisco. All funds raised will benefit Project Ahimsa’s grantees—NGOs/non-profits providing youth music education programs in Nicaragua (Building New Hope), Guatemala (Escuela Oficial Urbana Mixta), Argentina (Tantanakuy Assosiation) and the Bay Area (Bay Area Video Coalition, art in action).

Update: Another musical fundraiser for Project Ahimsa.

December 6, 2006
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