Christmas Curry

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Interested in adding some desi flair to your holiday dinner but aren’t sure how?

Well, look no further than British uber-foodie Manju Malhi’s “Festive Recipies.”

Malhi, author of the cookbooks Brit-Spice and India With Passion, walks you through terrific creations like her Roast Turkey Curry and Cranberry Chutney.

Say buh-bye to the dry uninspired Christmas slop of yesterday. This year, trade in your plain mashed spuds for some Potatoes with Cumin and Mustard (and a little masala is all you need to warm up to Savoy Cabbage, trust us on this).

Christmas dinner never looked so good.

So Nirali-ites: any special holiday meal plans (Tofurkey recipes please!) you want to share?

December 21, 2006
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