Governor’s Family Grows

Photo credit: Daniel Fuhr, Governor’s Office

Utah Governor Jon Huntsman is back from India, where he and wife Mary Kaye finalized their adoption of baby Asha.

Asha spent the first year of her life at the Matru Chhaya orphanage in Nadiad (near Ahmadabad in Gujarat) and now joins her six new siblings in Salt Lake City.

The Huntsmans, who donated $10,000 to the orphanage, promise to raise Asha as an “American” but make sure she will “also maintain some of the Hindu values that were part of her first year of life (because being Hindu and being American are mutually exclusive?).”

“You walk outside the orphanage and you see the sheer poverty,” says Mary Kaye Huntsman. “You also see a lot of people smiling. Despite their circumstances, they find happiness. Maybe that’s something all of us can take to heart.”

Asha is one of 1,000 Indian orphans adopted each year by non-Indian families (300 of those families are American).

Source: DeseretNews.Com
For more information on how to reach India’s orphanages, go here

December 22, 2006
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