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Supreme Court of India
Supreme Court of India. Source.

You’ve heard of American law schools (like George Washington University) setting up shop in India.

Well word is, another will soon be following suit.

David Van Zandt, a dean at the Northwestern University School of Law, is in India this week, speaking to administrators at both private and public colleges there.

Says Van Zandt: “In the rapidly changing world scenario, lawyers need to have multiple skills, as they often spearhead global alliances and mergers and acquisitions. The emergence of common international model for transactions and dispute resolution, common language and new aggressiveness are some factors that have given us the impetus to increase our drive to enroll students for India.”

Um, okay. But what do you say? With business schools and medical colleges going global, this sort of extension is becoming something of a trend. Do you see it as a good thing?

(Source: Business Standard)

December 19, 2006
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