New King of Bollywood?


“It seems like the Indian filmmakers are pushing boundaries in terms of pushing the censors. I think Bollywood is an interesting place for filmmakers to go.”

So says Oscar-winning perennial bachelor George Clooney, in a recent interview with the CNN-IBN channel.

Clooney is a fan of Bollywood films, and apparently wants to star in one: “I’d love to,” he insists. “I was watching a film the other day and the music was just amazing. It’s become such a huge industry.”

“There is a small market in the States as of now, but it will be fun if it catches on,” Clooney continues. “It is such a positive way of looking at filmmaking and I really love that. I truly think it’s fun.”

We agree, George (and can’t wait to see you in a dhoti).

So kids: what Bollywood star would you like to see Clooney sharing a screen with?

December 7, 2006
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