Aniston Picks Her Nose

At the Aussie Premiere of The Breakup
Jennifer Aniston (AnistonAvenue.Com)

Last week Jennifer Aniston was seen leaving the offices of LA-based plastic surgeon Raj Kanodia.

Kanodia, a graduate of the Medical College of Kolkata, has been featured on the E! Network’s hit show Dr. 90210.

Gossip rag US Weekly reports that Aniston went in for a nose job on January 20th, leaving Kanodia’s Beverley Hills-practice later that day with “black-and-blue bruises along her right eyebrow and across the tip of her nose and upper lip.”

Her reps don’t deny that she had work done (“to correct a deviated septum”) but now TMZ reports that Aniston is upset Kanodia spoke to the press about her procedure, saying a “furious Aniston has placed several calls” to him expressing her “extreme displeasure.”

Ennis at Sepia Mutiny suggests its “ironic” that Hollywood A-listers are “coming to a desi doctor to get demure little noses.”

Although Kanodia won’t disclose which Hollywood celebs he’s worked on, it has been said that the good doctor is responsible for crafting Cameron Diaz and Ashlee Simpson’s new schnozzes.

Jennifer Aniston, who played the lovably flawed Rachel Green on Friends, can next be seen guest-starring on Dirt–Courtney Cox’s new FX Network-show.

January 29, 2007
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