Bollywood, Eh?

Preity Zinta/Saif Ali Khan. Photo Credit: BBC

A team of Canadian businesspeople and politicians leave Ontario for Mumbai tomorrow. The trip, to last 17-days, hopes to convince Indian movie-makers to film in Canada.

“There is a dramatic shift taking place in the world economy and India is one of those exciting, growing economic powerhouses,” said Canadian Premier Dalton McGuinty in an interview yesterday.

The 100-person delegation has its sights set on Bollywood and will spend the next few days in Mumbai, meeting with production executives and directors. “We’ll be looking at cultural industries, film in particular,” McGuinty said. “We think we can do more in that regard.”

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger (also interested in courting Indian business) is scheduled to travel to Mumbai later this year.

(Source: Canada.Com)

January 9, 2007
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