Chicken Tikka Pizza To Go?

chicken tikka pizza
Chicken tikka pizza (Chris Duffey)

The East Bay Express has praise for Fremont, California’s Mirchi Cafe & Masala Pizza, a two-year-old Italian-American-Indo-Pakistani eatery.

What’s remarkable about Mirchi’s blended flavors is how comfortable they seem with each other. Take that chicken tikka pizza, spread with a creamy masala sauce that tastes far better than most Italian-American red sauces…It supports a plush mat of melted mozzarella, green peppers, cubes of yogurt-and-garam-masala-marinated chicken tikka, and leaves of cilantro…and the crust is perfect. (“Ital-American Indo-Pakistani, Fremont’s Mirchi may be the East Bay’s ultimate hyphenated restaurant.”)

The recipe for that perfect crust comes from Lisa Ahmad’s grandfather, who had a talent for pizza making. Born Lisa Lucia, an Italian-American who grew up working in her family’s local restaurant, where she met co-worker and future husband Khursheed Ahmad, she was inspired to obtain a culinary degree and pursue a restaurant career.

When she was ready to open her own place in 2004, she “grafted Indian and Pakistani flavors onto the Italian-American food she grew up with. And she tried to re-create the simple restaurant dishes she tasted on twice-yearly trips to Pakistan with her husband.” In addition to its pizzas, Mirchi offers desi style Chinese (Pakistani-style Chinese stir-fries) and desi burgers (the Lahori beef and Punjabi chicken).

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January 27, 2007
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  1. September 3, 2008, 3:53 am Henry Root

    I am looking for a recipe for Nirali Chicken, a very special creamy dish with many spices.

    Can someone post this, please?