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dark chocolate
Hmm…I see more than one way to define “one square.”

Chocolatier Vosges suggests that we eat more of its product as our New Year’s resolution—“It is true! Dark chocolate is good for you, in moderation, and will help you battle other cravings. Eat one, satisfying square a day.” To help us out with this willpower-testing resolution, Vosges offers a line of “Exotic Candy Bars” that includes two bars featuring Indian ingredients: the Calindia bar with “Indian green cardamom + organic California walnuts + dried plums + Venezuelan dark chocolate” and the Naga bar with “sweet Indian curry powder + coconut flakes + deep milk chocolate.” (The latter doesn’t make the cut for a dark chocolate-only New Year’s resolution!)

What chocolate would Goddess Lakshmi enjoy? I don’t know, but Her image can be seen on the Vosges Web site, where She is described as “a blessing symbol of good luck and a favorite to Hindu women,” in addition to being “an inspirational symbol for our company.”

My experience with fine chocolate (as opposed to the close-to-the-cash-register variety) is limited, but I did try Dolfin’s Hot Masala milk chocolate recently—I recommend it, especially if mocha-chai flavored sweetness sounds appealing to you. Have you tried it or the Vosges bars?

January 12, 2007
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  1. January 12, 2007, 6:43 pm Hilal

    sounds delicious, pavani…

    i’m a big fan of this stuff: endangered species chocolates.

    their cocoa content hovers around 70% PLUS 10% of net profits are donated in support of endangered species, the preservation of their habitat etc. (so you don’t feel as guilty stuffing your face)