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Little Book of Hindu Deities

“Honestly, I can’t think of anything that was good about growing up Hindu in America. I found it really to be a burden, actually,” says Pixar animator Sanjay Patel.

But that hasn’t stopped Patel, 32, from creating The Little Book of Hindu Deities, his vivid ode to 50 divinities–each one introduced with an incredibly hip anime-esque illustration.

Patel, who is from California’s San Bernadino valley, has worked on Monsters Inc., The Incredibles and The Simpsons. He was a bit nervous about sharing The Little Book with his parents:

“I waited a very long time before showing it to my dad. I was worried about how he would react. But he loved it! He also encouraged me to do more Hindu things. He was like, ‘OK, now that you are writing this book why don’t you light a candle?’ ”

For more on Sanjay Patel, including samples of his designs, free funky screensavers, and merchandise, visit his website GheeHappy.Com.

January 18, 2007
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