Mirza Takes The Mic

Shazia Mirza
(Steve Ullathorne)

Shazia Mirza headlines this week in San Francisco at the Punchline Comedy Club through the 20th. In addition to her stand-up routine, she acts and writes for TV and theater. Later this month Mirza will be presenting a BBC Radio 4 documentary on “Humour Around the World.”

A Luxembourg news magazine interviewed Mirza last year when she was in town for a festival that celebrates alternative and fringe female artists and performers (Can Somebody Plug Me In?), and described changes over time in her act.

She is now clad in a denim jacket rather than hijab, and her show is more focussed on her personal life, which still, obviously, includes references to the fact that she is a Muslim. It includes observations such as the following. “I’ve never drunk, I’ve never smoked, I’ve never gambled, I’ve taken ecstasy, though. There’s nothing in the Koran about that.” (352, 3/16/06)

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Punchline Comedy Club

January 19, 2007
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