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Shilpa Shetty
Shilpa Shetty: Metro UK

Last week, we watched on as Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty entered the Celebrity Big Brother house.

Things haven’t been going that well for the Phir Milenge star, and now the show has come under fire amidst complaints that Shetty has been racially bullied by the other contestants.

After receiving over 10,000 complaints from viewers, the British media watchdog (Ofcom) has begun to seriously examine the charges of racism.

According to an AP report, the star, 31, has been “repeatedly reduced to tears” by fellow contestants who have mocked her accent and suggested that, being Indian, she is dirty.

When the actress cooked chicken curry for her housemates recently, contestant Jo O’Meara refused to eat it, saying she didn’t “trust” it and was “scared.” She also did impressions of Shetty’s accent and protested that the actress had “touched housemates’ food with her hands” (to which fellow contestant Danielle Lloyd replied that “they eat with their hands in India…you don’t know where her hands have been“).

During the early part of the season, fellow tenant Jackiey Budden decided Shetty’s name was too unusual and difficult to pronounce, and resorted to calling the actress “Shipla” instead.

But it was when one housemate allegedly called Shetty a “Paki” (the word was censored during the telecast, and it’s been suggested she wasn’t called a “Paki” but a “c*nt”) that the number of viewer-complaints really skyrocketed.

The Bollywood star, also referred to as a “dog” and “the Indian” by her housemates, has said: “I’m the only one they are mean to, I don’t know why. Nobody is mean to anyone else except me.”

Earlier today, British politician and fan of Big Brother, Keith Vaz approached parliament about conduct on the show, saying “We would not tolerate this kind of racism on any other type of television program and we should not do so on a program that is watched by millions of people.”

Celebrities who have befriended Shetty on the program include Jermaine Jackson and Dirk Benedict, best known as “Face” on The A Team.

Of her treatment in the house, the actress has said she hopes it will make her a stronger person.

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January 17, 2007
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