Rushdie Likes Lakshmi’s Lady Fingers

Padma Lakshmi

While the cheftestants quoted earlier don’t seem to be fans of her cooking or style, Padma Lakshmi has at least one fan in the kitchen.

In an interview with the Washington Post’s Express, model/cookbook author/television host Padma Lakshmi offered up tidbits about her ice cream concoctions (“lychee and clover sorbet and honeycomb and prune ice cream”), wardrobe (“I get to wear my own clothes”), weight gain (“you’ll see as the season progresses that I gain a little weight”), her dinner party menus (featuring Barolo, brisket and butter) and Salman’s fondness for the lady’s fingers.

EXPRESS: Are there any dishes your husband asks for?
LAKSHMI: He’s an omnivore and eats anything and everything. I still don’t know his favorite dish after seven years together, but he does like it when I make him fried okra. It’s very hard to make Indian okra the right way.

January 17, 2007
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