Shake Your Biryani

Ricky Martin
Ricky Martin (MTV Finland)

When the tsunami devastated South(east) Asia two years ago, pop phenom Ricky Martin packed his bags and headed to the region (you might remember seeing him on Oprah, talking about his experiences).

Since then, the artist has deepened his ties to India, working to help little girls in Calcutta—forced into a life of prostitution—off the streets (“We started this project with one girl. Today we have 167”).

Soon after, Martin performed at the Taj Mahal in an effort to raise awareness and money for children affected by HIV/AIDS.

“After spending time in silence, away from the stage, I had the time to travel and exchange ideas with people from all over the world–Brazil, Thailand, India, Egypt,” he tells reporters. “Being influenced by all these cultures in a creative process, I’ve learned how connected we all are.”

Next month Martin returns to India, where he will be performing at a “high profile shaadi” in Jaipur.

For more on Martin’s humanitarian efforts (and how you can help), visit the Ricky Martin Foundation.

January 30, 2007
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