Shia Revival Author Gives Lecture

shia revival

Vali Nasr speaks on the topic of “How Conflicts Within Islam Will Shape The Future” at the World Affairs Council of Northern California on Wednesday, January 31. He is Professor of Middle East and South Asia Politics at the Naval Postgraduate School and the Council on Foreign Relations’ Senior Adjunct Fellow on the Middle East.

Nasr’s Shia Revival has been described as worthwhile reading for those seeking a primer on the second-largest Muslim sect. His account offers an introduction to the history and theology of Shia Islam and its relations with the dominant Sunni strain. Nasr also argues that the so-called Shia Crescent—stretching from Lebanon and Syria through the Gulf to Iraq and Iran, finally terminating in Pakistan and India—is gathering strength in the aftermath of Saddam’s fall, cementing linkages that transcend political and linguistic borders and could lead to a new map of the Middle East. The author believes that the sectarian divisions between Shia and Sunni will come to play a large part in determining our collective future. (Publisher’s Weekly)

World Affairs Council
Dr. Vali R. Nasr
Nasr’s interview on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart

January 30, 2007
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