Tabla featured on “$40 a Day”

Vegetable Frankie
Cardoz prepares Frankie (

Chef Floyd Cardoz of Tabla Restaurant in NYC prepared a Vegetable “Frankie” for host Rachael Ray on a recently aired episode of the Food Network’s $40 a Day: New York City. Ray highlighted the restaurant’s lunch menu for including several items under $10.

It looks like a wrap, but I wondered what exactly is a frankie? It turns out that it’s not a falsetto, but sounds like more of an “Indian burrito,” (that would be distinct from a “Punjabi burrito”). Slashfood describes the frankie as “an Indian street-type food made of a thin bread similar to a tortilla that is coated with egg and fried.” Have you had one? Feel free to spill the beans on frankies in the comments.

January 15, 2007
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