Vikram Chandra Reading (San Francisco)

Sacred Games

After reading excerpts from Sacred Games, his new book launched earlier this week in the United States, Vikram Chandra shared with a San Francisco, Books Inc. audience one of the riskiest moments from his research into Bombay’s underworld—an encounter with a shooter/hit man. The man met with Chandra at a dhaba, at his boss’s direction and was not too happy about it. The author suspected that the hit man was high, given his shaking and aggressive manner, so he kept things short to get out of there quickly. This was in contrast to Chandra’s experiences interviewing crime bosses, whom he described as avuncular types offering him cups of chai and “help” with any problems he might have.

Given the overwhelmingly positive reviews and comparisons to The Godfather, should we expect to see the movie version of this new book? Chandra, who has multiple family connections to the Indian film industry (he cited the targeting of his producer/director brother-in-law for extortion as an inspiration for his focus on the city’s criminal underworld), did not say if he had received any offers yet. One thing he did make clear is that he does not want to be involved with a movie version—working on a screenplay for the 928-page tome would drive him insane.

See Hilal’s post and the calendar on the author’s site for details on his upcoming readings in various cities.

January 14, 2007
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