2007: A Love Story

Sujeet and Carrie
Wedding Day! (Sujeet.Com)

Oprah dedicated today’s show to “exceptional” love, and included this couple’s heartwarming story.

Sujeet Desai and Carrie Bergeron fell in love (“at first sight”) and decided to tie the knot six months later, having not one but two ceremonies—one Hindu, one Christian.

“I thought very hard that I wanted to propose and it was a very touching moment,” Sujeet said on the show. “I burst out in tears.”

Desai plays six musical instruments and spends his time touring the country. Visit his personal website for details.

Both Desai and Bergeron were born with Down syndrome.

Sujeet and his family
Carrie & Sujeet’s wedding announcement

February 14, 2007
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