Abraham Boards Kabul Express

PETA Abraham
Abraham for PETA India

He’s 50% Malayali, 50% Irani—and 100% dreamboat.

Frequently voted as one of Bollywood’s sexiest stars, John Abraham intends on sticking to the unbeaten path. “I’m most comfortable with unconventional roles,” he told the Mumbai Mirror newspaper last week. “I want audiences to identify me with unconventional films.”

Abraham is pleased that the Deepa Mehta film Water (in which he plays the gentle idealist Narayan) has received an Oscar nod.

In his latest movie, Kabul Express (released last month), Abraham plays a journalist covering the Taliban in Afghanistan. It has been reported that Abraham received death threats while filming in Kabul. The Yash Raj project, directed by Kabir Khan, has received mediocre reviews. Anyone seen it?

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February 8, 2007
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