Avial Fo’ Real

Padamadan (video.webindia123.com)

At under five minutes each, Judy Padamadan’s videos offer a brief introduction to many dishes from Kerala, including Urulakkizhangu Ulli Theeyal and sweet Kozhukatta for the uninitiated among us, and straightforward instruction for the more culinarily inclined. Now that I know what avial is (the delicious-looking vegetable dish featured in the video clip above), I would love to try it.

Padamadan is an enthusiast for the cuisines of Kerala and the midwestern U.S. She came to the U.S. from India with her parents when she was a year old. During summer trips to visit her grandparents in Kerala she would spend time with cooks in the kitchen. Back in the states her childhood cuisine was her mom’s “very creative fusion of American, Italian and Indian.” She attended the New England Culinary Institute and has worked as a line cook and food consultant.

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February 7, 2007
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