Burger King To Have It Y(Our) Way

McDonald's India

American fast food world domination continues as Burger King looks to enter the Indian market.

A report out today suggests Ravi Jaipuria, (a franchisee for Pizza Hut and KFC) is in talks with the company about expanding.

If true, Burger King would join Domino’s, McDonald’s, Pizza Hut and Papa John’s (among others) in its fight for a slice of the desi market.

The “home of the Whopper” has taken its time with the move however, and is seen as a relative latecomer (KFC has been on Indian soil for over twelve years now).

The news will be disappointing to food activists and others concerned about the growing obesity problem in India. NPR’s All Things Considered recently took a look at the emerging issue of “urban, middle-class obesity, especially among children.” The segment is available online.

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February 12, 2007
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