Christmas Cakes, Bagels and Begging Lepers

Thomas McDonald for the New York Times

She’s a Bryn Mawr grad and account director who will tell you an assignment’s “due on Wednesday, when it’s really due on Friday.”

He’s from a family that likes to name its men after military figures (Rommel and Napoleon, Alexander and Bonaparte–you get the picture).

They met online and had their first date at Grand Central (where they both discovered they share a liking for bagels!). Now they’ve gotten married.

The New York Times’ Style section (c’mon, you know you read it too) featured handsome couple Frances Wu and Rommel Nobay on its front page yesterday. Wu, a Chinese-Japanese American woman from Virginia, moved to Japan seven years ago to find a husband. She was unsuccessful (“…there she heard herself heartlessly referred to as a Christmas cake…Who wants a Christmas cake after the 25th of December?”).

Dispirited, Wu, who is in her thirties, returned to New York where she joined an online dating site looking for a “tall Chinese man.”

Instead she found Nobay, who grew up in Kenya and the US to Goan parents. His first language is Swahili.

Some of you might remember reading about the law suit Rommel Nobay filed against Princeton a few years back.

The 39-year-old Princeton and Yale grad had made false claims on his applications to medical school—saying he was supported by a Kenyan family of begging lepers, and that he was a proud National Merit Scholar.

When officials at Princeton gave the med schools a heads-up, Nobay took the University to court for defamation of character.

Today Rommel Nobay is a big-wig at a biotech company.

Vows: Frances Wu and Rommel Nobay

February 5, 2007
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