Dhol Di Awaz IX

With an emphasis on culture and tradition, Dhol Di Awaz brings bhangra dance groups from across North America together for performance and competition. Billed as the oldest bhangra competition on the west coast, DDA was formed nine years ago as a fundraiser by students from the Berkeley Student Sikh Association and put on in a high school gym with six teams, an audience of 300 and the students’ parents as supporters. It has grown to sell out increasingly larger venues with audiences of thousands, obtain business and media sponsors and feature dozens of accomplished bhangra groups. This year’s Dhol Di Awaz takes place February 24, in Cupertino, California.

Surrey India Arts Club exhibition performance at DDA 2006
2005 DDA champions Florida’s PHULorida Bhangra
Jeeta Jatt, parody of Punjabi movies of the past

February 11, 2007
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