Dhoom Machaoo Dhoom!

Ghanshyam Shah
Shah Loungin’ (Santosh Verma for The New York Times)

Ghanshyam P. Shah spends about eight hours a day camped out in his bedroom, watching TV (prayer services, financial news, whatevs, really). “I’ll become really agitated if I can’t watch,” Shah, 82, explains to Vikas Bajaj of the New York Times.

I understand completely.

Bajaj’s Sunday Times feature, “In India, the Golden Age of Television Is Now,” tells us the state of television there is amidst change. The rise of cable channel networks continues, and American networks work to bring classics like Sesame Street to an Indian audience (Globalization. Sigh).

Bajaj also introduces us to Dhoom Machaoo Dhoom—a Disney show made for Indian teens. “It is about four teenage girls, one of them from New York, who want to start a band so they can represent their school in a talent contest. They face a number of challenges, including an arrogant classmate who is determined to derail their plans.”

Does Diddy know about this?

Be sure to check out the article’s accompanying video produced by Jigar Mehta (we blogged about Mehta a few weeks back—remember? Course you do), and let us know what you think.

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February 12, 2007
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  1. October 15, 2007, 1:30 am supriya

    actually this serial is good 4 teenagers and ppl who r intrested in music
    i like watching it but priyaNKA ACTS TOO dumb
    i like kj atitude
    other all ppl r good but i just hav a problem wid priyanka
    can i get adi’s pics???/
    plzz mail me i am supriya my id is supriya496@yahoo.co.in i hav other id’s also u all can ak me!