Duds For Modest Surfer Girls

modest swimwear
Sama Wareh (AP/Chris Carlson)

In a real-life moment not right out of Baywatch, a lifeguard on a California beach once asked Sama Wareh, 23, “Dude, are you like a Muslim surfer girl or something?”

The article “High-tech fabrics keep Muslim women in the swim” doesn’t offer what reactions or questions Wareh gets these days after switching from her “jogging pants, skirt and long-sleeved shirt” combination to an all-body suit designed for athletic activity by Splashgear. Whether the suits actually help in fitting in at the beach or pool, or whether the wearers simply find them an improvement over wearing street clothes in the water, the news is that this niche market for all-body suits is expanding and that the women of all ages interviewed found the suits useful for activities like scuba, snorkeling and swimming. The gear offers a solution for those who want to do these things in a coed environment like a public beach while maintaining their sense of modesty.

Splashgear founder and microbiologist Shereen Sabet’s story
Sama Wareh, artist

Burqini Babes Make Waves

February 20, 2007
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