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indian cowboy
Sheth, Kamkolkar in Indian Cowboy

Indian Cowboy, running in selected U.S. theaters starting February 23, is described as “a tongue-in-cheek exploration of the idea of ‘true love’ with a South Asian twist, playing upon both Bollywood and Hollywood romantic comedy conventions.”

Nick, a character partly inspired by the brother of the film’s writer/director Nikhil Kamkolkar and played by Kamkolkar as well, is a writer who dreams of a love story with a glorious, happy ending. A cynical Sapna (Sheetal ShethLooking for Comedy in the Muslim World, American Chai) on the other hand believes that true love always leads to a tragic end as in Romeo & Juliet or Laila & Majnu. When the two meet and fall for each other, their love story begins. The cast includes cowboy Deep Katdare (American Desi) and Sundra Oakley (Survivor: Cook Islands). Karsh Kale, Kam Dhillon, Alms for Shanti and Shaheen Sheik feature on the film’s soundtrack.

According to the director’s blog, indianrising.com, you should be able to view a sneak preview of the movie on the film’s site today—Valentine’s Day.

Theatrical trailer

February 14, 2007
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