Man Pushes Cart, Gets Nomination

Ahmad Razvi
Razvi for NoruzFilms.Com

His story is the stuff of Hollywood movies.

Ahmad Razvi (whose modest desi restaurant in Brooklyn gets “pelted by gunshots” after September 11), starts working in a Pakistani eatery where he meets director Ramin Bahrani, and gets cast as the lead in an indie film (Man Push Cart).

Critics begin praising the project and soon enough Razvi, who is not a professional actor, receives an Independent Spirit Award nomination–one of three for the film.

Man Push Cart is art imitating life (or was it the other way around?). The BBC calls it “moving and touching…possessed of intelligence and integrity.” Look for it on DVD later this year.

The Independent Spirit Awards are held in Santa Monica, California annually–on the night before the Oscars (February 24, 2007). See the full list of this year’s nominees here.

Nirali features Razvi

February 1, 2007
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