Not So Fair, Not So Lovely

Fair and Lovely
Photo: TheSugarCubes.Net

Links to this Fair and Lovely commercial have been furiously circulating through the blogosphere (Nerve, Feministing, Poverty News Via Salon).

In synopsis:

“One TV commercial aired in India (often referred to as the Air Hostess advertisement) “showed a young, dark-skinned girl’s father lamenting he had no son to provide for him, as his daughter’s salary was not high enough – the suggestion being that she could not get a better job or get married because of her dark skin. The girl then uses the cream [Fair & Lovely], becomes fairer, and gets a better-paid job as an air hostess – and makes her father happy”.

Fair and Lovely is a product put out by Unilever—parent company to Dove (which we all know is responsible for the hugely successful “campaign for real beauty“). Oh irony of ironies.

In critique of Fair and Lovely
Fair and Lovely India
Selling Race

February 19, 2007
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