Ralph Fiennes: Coming To An Aircraft Toilet Near You?

Ralph Fiennes
Fiennes, Sharmila Tagore and AIDS Victim (WashingtonPost.Com)

Ralph Fiennes fans might be disappointed to hear the 44-year-old star likes to follow strangers into cramped aircraft lavatories.

Fiennes, who starred in The English Patient and The Constant Gardner recently found himself in hot water after allegedly trying to have an amorous in-flight encounter with a Qantas airline hostess.

“While conversing with Mr Fiennes during my break, I expressed a need to go to the toilet. I entered it, he followed me and entered the same toilet. I explained to him that this was inappropriate and asked him to leave,” said the stewardess, 38, in a statement.

The actor was flying from Darwin, Australia to Mumbai–where he was scheduled (as a Unicef ambassador to India) to promote safe sex and HIV/AIDS awareness. Fiennes’s reps declined to comment.

February 14, 2007
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    “Ralph Fiennes Gets Some Complimentary Mojo On TakeOff Plus Bonus Miles On Flight QF123”

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    […] Khan–whose mother Sharmila Tagore joined Ralph Fiennes earlier this week at an HIV/AIDS Awareness event—is 36. […]