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Trading in the trombone for the guitar, acoustic rock artist Swati Sharma abandoned the world of classical music after a debut performance at Carnegie Hall in favor of exploring her own singing, songwriting and guitar playing. The NYC native managed nightclub Nightingale’s, immersed herself in the lower east side music and arts scene and played to Knitting Factory and Lilith Fair audiences.

Even though her lyrics don’t necessarily invite radio play (e.g., the mofo track on her myspace page), her music has been featured on KCRW’s “Brave New World.” She plays again at this year’s SXSW.

Approaching songwriting and performing as catharsis, Swati, who goes by her first name, describes being on stage: “When I see a stranger who feels what I feel, the emptiness and loneliness are completely gone.” Her percussive acoustic guitar technique and textured vocals combine to create a sound that has been described as “muscular and delicate.”

With her independent debut album “Small Gods” completed and available 4/17 from Bluhammock Music, Swati is now touring throughout the U.S.

“2 O’Clock in the A.M.”

Billboard’s review of Swati’s new album:

For all its laid-bare, at times Courtney Love- and Ani DiFranco-reminiscent anger and anguish, though, the overall vibe of Small Gods isn’t a crushing one — nobody with an ear for off-the-hook honesty will be eager to walk away from it. What Swati may lack in emotional stability, she makes up for on Small Gods in talent.

“First name basis: the sweet sadness of Swati,” New York singer/songwriter takes the long road to success by releasing debut album at 34 years old
“Out Singer-Songwriter Swati on ‘Small Gods'”

February 27, 2007
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