Water Misses Boat

On last night’s Red Carpet (Yahoo.Com)

She calls her critically-acclaimed movie “one of those little films that’s blessed.” The New York Times says it’s “Serene on the surface yet roiling underneath,” effectively paralleling “the plight of widows under Hindu fundamentalism to that of India under British colonialism.”

Deepa Mehta’s Water is a passionate, thoughtful commentary on the societal and institutionalized oppression of widowed women in 1930s India. It might not have walked away with the Oscar for Best Foreign Film last night, but for Mehta that almost seems besides the point.

When filming began seven years ago, production was brought to an almost immediate halt after rioting extremists in India protested the director and her crew. Water was eventually shot five years later in Sri Lanka.

“I just feel that maybe if a film has gone through this type of journey, the payoff has been so generous,” she now says.

Mehta’s film will soon be seen in India, as Ravi Chopra has recently purchased the right to distribute Water there.

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February 26, 2007
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