Cute Kids Tees, Kanchipuram Style

Mallika Malhotra and sons (

Mallika Malhotra stumbled upon hidden treasure collecting dust in her mother’s closet—a box of 1960s sari silks given as wedding gifts to her mother. Gathering the vintage textiles, the young mother with a passion for style started plannning her at-home business and launched Kid-Guru, an appliquéd t-shirt collection, in 2004.

Handcrafted in Denver, Colorado, with traditional fabrics brought back from Malhotra’s trips to India, the tees feature an assortment of charming designs—sailboats, spiders and pirate skulls, in addition to butterflies, hearts and snowflakes. You won’t find Kid-Guru at Baby Gap. Sold online and in boutiques and trunk shows, the cotton shirts are made from prints of limited quantity.

Kid-Guru’s formalwear line
Kanchipuram saris

March 18, 2007
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