Expectant South Asian Moms At Risk

Mother and Child
“Mother and Child” (RedKettle.Com)

A study out today suggests South Asian and black women generally have shorter-term pregnancies than their white counterparts.

The report, published in the British Medical Journal, considers 12 years-worth of data from 197,000 London births. Findings indicate that “for every stage of gestation, perinatal mortality (death before, during or shortly after birth) is highest in south Asian women.”

Dr. Imelda Balchin, who directed the research effort, suggests race is most likely an “indicator” of genetic deviation from normative gestational length.

“Whether differences in outcome were due to social disadvantage or biology, the implications for management are the same,” says Balchin who calls for increased care and rigor when it comes to screening South Asian and black expectant moms.

March 2, 2007
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